Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busking on Granville Street

Here is a clip of the carnival band during our mad 12 hour busking on granville street

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Home for the Games and KNOCK KNOCK HONK! HONK!

Dear Carnie Fans,

What does summer and The Carnival Band have in common?
We both just wont quit!

We have two epic gigs this weekend

Gig the First:

Home for the Games Fundraiser
When: Friday, September 25th - Doors at 8:00pm
Where: Waldorf Hotel (1489 Hastings Street E.)

Join Knifey Spoony, Sambata and The Carnival Band in a fundraiser for Home for the Games. There is also human-head whack-a-mole for whack-happy among us.

All proceeds from this concert will go to Home for the Games, a non-profit organization seeking to harness the excitement of the Olympics and channel it towards those who need it most. Home for the Games is website that matches homeowners wanting to rent their rooms or houses out to Olympic visitors. The homeowner sets the price of their accommodation, and then donates a minimum of 50% of the money they earn to a trust fund that will be split between two housing charities on the Downtown Eastside: StreetoHome and Covenant House.

Gig the Second:

Boston or Bust Fundraiser
When: Sunday, September 27th 11:00am till the wee hours of the morning
Where: Vancouver Art Gallery (Robson Street)

On October 8th, The Carnival Band is travelling to Boston, MA to take part in HONK Fest, a festival celebrating street band culture. Imagine, The Carnival Band honking and frolicking with 26 bands much like us! It is as crazy and as magical and you might expect. Help us pay for our passage to Boston by dropping by The Vancouver Art Galley and tossing some cash our way. We're playing until we get enough to go, so if you want us to shut it - it'll cost ya!!


Yours in Community,

The Carnival Band

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Carnival Band with Influents

Here's a vid of the Carnival Band jammin' with Influents at the Big 5 OH show at the Rickshaw Saturday Sept 6/09

Ingrid's Aria

Here's the band performing Ingrid's Aria at the Big 5 OH show at the Rickshaw Sept 6/09

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Carnies do Gastown

Carnie friends,

The Carnival Band is playing The Bourbon (50 W. Cordova) this Saturday. Come check us out in our top hats, tails and gowns. The evening also features Minotaur and Mexican Drug Patrol. The show starts at 8:00pm and is done by 11:00pm, so get there early.


Yours in Community,

The Carnival Band

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm a Carnie, You're a Carnie!

Dear Friends,

The Carnival Band is coming off an exciting weekend. This past Saturday we celebrated our 10th year of playing for the people. We we joined by our friends The Yellow Hat Band, Circus Aerialists, Orkestar Slivovica, Knifey Spoony, Dixie Star Story Telling and Night and Day Dance. Check out photos here.
A big thanks and a lot of love to those who have Carnied along side us throughout the years.

The Carnival Band does Sunday!
There's no rest for the Wacky!

This Sunday, September 6th, we are playing at the Rickshaw Theatre with Fake Shark Real Zombie, Influents, and Axiom. An exciting event at an exciting venue.

The Rickshaw is at 254 E. Hastings.

Come and help us kick off the next 10 years in style.


Yours in Community,

The Carnival Band