Thursday, February 4, 2010

The games are upon Us

Carnival Band Fans,

Love it or hate it, with the Vancouver squarely in the sights of the Olympic Cannon, this city is about to get a whole lot crazier. The Carnies, naturally, are following suit.

This Sunday, February 7th, join The Carnival Band and the Downtown Eastside Samba Band for the Poverty Olympics at the Carnegie Centre (Hastings and Main). The Poverty Olympics aim is to highlight the differences between the haves and the have-nots in our fair city. The event starts at 12:00pm. For more info, see here.

Then on Friday, February 12th, we will a part of the 2010 Welcoming Committee (Unofficial!) Marching and speaking out have become more defiant as many streets and public sites are turned over to the Games and corporate sponsors with restrictions on free speech, protest, and assembly. Come join us as we do our part to reclaim public space!
Friday, February 12th 2:30pm
Vancouver Art Gallery (750 Hornby Street).

During the Games we have a standing engagement with the Place de la Francophonie on Granville Island. A celebration of French culture from here at home and overseas. Check our website for a full list of events. We will also be performing for Winteruption, also on Granville Island.


The Year of the Tiger is upon us, so don your favourite Hobbes costume and take in the Chinese New Years Parade on Feb. 14th at 9:00am. For route information, please go here.


Yours in Community,

The Carnival Band

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